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Nursing encompasses autonomous and collaborative care of individuals of all ages, families, groups and communities, sick or well and in all settings. Nursing includes the promotion of health, promotion of a safe environment, clinical nursing care, nursing education, nursing research and participation in shaping health policy.

Dean, Faculty of Nursing Sciences, Dr. Amal Abd Elgadir Ali


The Faculty of Nursing Sciences started in 1999, as an integral part of the University of Medical Sciences and Technology. It is the fourth faculty in line of establishment. Until July 2011, the faculty graduated 533 female and male nurses with BSc. and MSc. Nursing Degrees. These graduates are now functioning effectively and efficiently in most of the States of the Sudan and abroad.


The UMST faculty of nursing vision is that in a changing world nursing professionals will offer efficient and effective practice of the highest possible standard, based on maximum safety and foundation on up to date research and knowledge. They will meet the present and future health care needs of the people as members of the health team in a cost- effective manner in a variety of settings, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the maintenance and / or improvement of life quality.


Our mission is to prepare nurses for meeting the ever changing diverse health needs of our nation and to enable them to remain dedicated to: Upholding the highest standards of nursing care, based on evidence. Promoting conditions that allow nurses to practice their profession to the full extent of their knowledge, skill and values. Shaping health policy through its expertise and the strength and cohesiveness of its membership.


The nursing programs, undergraduate and postgraduate, are designed to prepare students within the framework of the philosophy, vision and mission of our faculty to be able to:

- Integrate and utilize principles derived from nursing and allied sciences (bio-physical, psycho-social. etc) in delivery of nursing care and handling specific situations.

-Demonstrate efficiency in providing holistic, comprehensive nursing care to clients (individuals, families and community) through the application of the nursing process, and evidence-based nursing practice.

-Apply professional nursing codes of ethics, conduct and laws.

-Demonstrate ability in interpersonal interaction and communication skills needed to function effectively as a partner and member of the health team.

-Demonstrate abilities of leadership, creative , critical thinking and making sound decisions.

-Utilize educational principles and teaching techniques in the education of clients, colleagues, coworkers and communities.

-Utilize research findings in the improvement of the nursing profession, conduct scientific research in nursing and contribute to health research.

-Demonstrate interest in commitment to and accountability for continued growth and development both as individual citizens and professional nurses respectively.

Degrees Offered:

The faculty offers:
• Three, BSc. N. degree programs
• Eight specialties, MSc. N. programs
• Five specialties, Ph.D. N.Sc. programs


The faculty of nursing sciences is located within the premises of the Academy Charity Teaching Hospital, where the clinical and field practice mainly takes place, as well as several other training institutions governmental and private, general and specialized within the Sudan health care delivery system. Our faculty has successful and enriching national, regional and international relationships with educational, health service institutions, nursing councils, U.N. and NGO’s etc. External examiners, regional and international, are invited annually to evaluate the BSc. , MSc. and Ph.D. N.Sc. nursing students and programs.


The UMST Faculty of Nursing believes that the nursing profession is taking increasing responsibility for providing promotive, preventive, restorative and rehabilitative health care services which contribute to the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities. The nurse is a full partner with other health disciplines in leading and shaping health policies and functions, among health care consumers, as an advocate for improving life quality. Therefore, our nursing faculty is renowned for providing the most professional and highly qualified nursing experts in the country.

Career Opportunities:

-Bedside clinical nursing (general and specialized).

-Community nursing (Planning, Organizing and delivering community nursing care).

-Nursing education.

-Nursing service administration.

-Conducting nursing research for the improvement of the quality of nursing care.


The BSc. , MSc. N. and Ph.D. N.Sc. curricula have been accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research, Sudan and the Arab Universities League.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSc.N) four years (8 semesters)

This program is designed to graduate professional nurses competent to provide general nursing care both in hospital and community settings.

Graduation requirements For BSc. Nursing degree:

Successful completion of all courses (theoretical and practical), satisfy the teaching faculty and the internal and external examiners, attain a GPA of at least 2.5, complete and submit a nursing research project in partial fulfillment of the BSc. nursing degree.


Admission Requirements for B.Sc. Nursing degree:
Successful Sudanese certificate or its equivalent (success in seven subjects) and according to the general and faculty requirements indicated in the “Regulations Governing Admission”

- Other requirements of the UMST and faculty of nursing Contact the U.M.S.T. Admission Office

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Course Phases

Bachelor of Science in Nursing – four years (8 semesters) This program is designed to graduate professional nurses competent to provide general nursing care both in hospital and community settings. Total Credit Hours: 180 Hrs. Theory=1818 hrs. (%rd.) and Practical =3636 hrs.(% rd.). The faculty offers 3 BSc. N. degree programs and 7 specialties MSc. N. programs: - BSc. N. regular program (4 years). - BSc. N. completing/bridging program for nursing diploma holders (1 year). - BSc.N. completing / bridging program for technical nursing certificate holders (2 years).


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Prof. Humeida, Dean

Name: Dr. Amal Abdalgadir Ali Mohammed
Certificates: Ph.D. in Pediatric and Child Health Nursing
Position:Dean Assistant,Head Department, Mother and Child Health Nursing
Contacts:+249912554716 dramel_2012@hotmail.com

Prof. Humeida, Dean

Name: Dr. Aida Ahmed Fadlala Ahmed
Certificates: Ph.D. in Obstetrical and Gynaecological Nursing
Position: Head Department, Obstetrical and Gynaecological Nursing
Contacts:+249912981615 dodyfadl@yahoo.com

Prof. Humeida, Dean

Name: Dr. Duria Hassan Merghani
Certificates: Ph.D. Medical Surgical Nursing
Position: Head Department, Medical -Surgical Nursing and Fundamentals of nursing
Contacts:+24917565372 dorrria2004@hotmail.com

Prof. Humeida, Dean

Name: Dr. Nemat Mahmoud Abd Elrahman Ali
Certificates: Ph.D. Medical Surgical Nursing
Position: Head Department, Surgical Nursing

Prof. Humeida, Dean

Name: Dr. Amna Mohmmed Ali
Certificates: Ph.D. in Pediatric and Child Health Nursing
Position: Head Department, Pediatric Nursing

Prof. Humeida, Dean

Name:Dr. Aida Ahmed Fadlallah
Certificates:Ph.D. in Nursing Science
Position:Dean of Nursing Technology & Lecturer

Prof. Humeida, Dean

Name: Miss. Hiba Abdel Gader Mohamed El Zain
Certificates: B.Sc. in Nursing
Position: Teaching Assistant
Contacts:+249916131072 hbalzain@yahoo.com

Prof. Humeida, Dean

Name: Miss. Nawal Ahmed Saken
Certificates: B.Sc. in Nursing
Position: Lecturer
Contacts:+249912577445 - Email:nawalahmed22@hotmail.com

Prof. Humeida, Dean

Name: Miss. Mahasin Hamed Seeid
Certificates: B.Sc. in Nursing
Position: Lecturer
Contacts:+249918040892 - Email:mahasinmohamed.19@hotmail.com

Prof. Humeida, Dean

Name: Miss. Jihan Abdoalazeim
Certificates: B.Sc. in Nursing
Position: Lecturer
Contacts:+249928855424 - Email:jihanabdoalazeim@yahoo.com

Prof. Humeida, Dean

Name: Miss. Reem Mohamed Alhassan
Certificates: B.Sc. in Nursing
Position: Lecturer
Contacts:+249918201473 - Email:reemo98765@hotmail.com

Prof. Humeida, Dean

Name: Miss. Walla Mohamed Hassan
Certificates: B.Sc. in Nursing
Position: Teaching Assistant
Contacts: +249917921992 Email:lama22297@hotmail.com

Prof. Humeida, Dean

Name: Maha Gibreel Mohammed Khair
Certificates: Msc Community health Nursing
Position:Head department of CHN
Contacts: maha444@live.com

Prof. Humeida, Dean

Name:Mnal hassan Fadlallah
Certificates: Diploma of IT
Contacts: noolaa-hassan2011@live.com

Prof. Humeida, Dean

Name:Shada farah Mohammed
Certificates: Bsc in Ecnomic
Contacts: shahd20203@hotmail.com

Prof. Humeida, Dean

Name:Mwda Mohammed
Certificates: Diploma of IT
Position:Attendance Collector